The Mission

We are revolutionizing Air Racing as you know it with the first ever electric airplane race


We offer industry partners and manufacturers an invaluable platform to develop ground-breaking technology in electric aerospace. We are already working with a number of industry leaders and are welcoming more as we grow.


We encourage the use of cleaner power in transportation and will help take this global challenge to the next level. Future transport platforms will require electric power solutions based on those developed for Air Race E.


Air Race E is an exciting motorsport which delivers thrilling, intriguing and fun action to audiences around the world, both live and on TV. Eight airplanes race directly against each other at speeds of around 450kph around a tight circuit just 10 meters above the ground. A true air race!


Air Race E is a world first! At a time when electric flight is still in its infancy, we are launching an ambitious project that will help accelerate both aviation and motorsport into the future: the world’s first and only all-electric airplane racing championship.


Piloted by the some of the best aviators in the world, these race planes are the cutting edge of aerospace engineering and electric propulsion and will be a platform for testing and showcasing new technologies to the world.

Airbus - Official Founding Partner

Airbus is the Official Founding Partner of Air Race E. A global leader in aeronautics, space, and related services, Airbus provides teams with industry insight and research as they build their racing aircraft.

Air Race E is honoured to partner with Airbus to develop the first electric airplane race. Our partnership is a significant milestone in the evolution of electric power in aviation. Together, we aim to drive the development of cleaner, faster, and more technically advanced electric aircraft. Our goal is for Air Race E to become a platform in which innovation in electric propulsion can be developed, nurtured, and accelerated.

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