Air Race E and Airbus Electric Air Racing

Airbus is the Official Founding Partner of Air Race E. A global leader in aeronautics, space, and related services, Airbus provides teams with industry insight and research as they build their racing aircraft.

Air Race E is honoured to partner with Airbus to develop the first electric airplane race. Our partnership is a significant milestone in the evolution of electric power in aviation. Together, we aim to drive the development of cleaner, faster, and more technically advanced electric aircraft. Our goal is for Air Race E to become a platform in which innovation in electric propulsion can be developed, nurtured, and accelerated.

Ansys, a global leader in engineering simulation, has partnered with Air Race E, the world’s first electric airplane race, set to launch its inaugural event in 2021.

As the Official Simulation Software Partner, Ansys’s cutting-edge simulation technologies will be used to help teams optimize the energy efficiency and performance of their all-electric race planes.

Air Race E aims to use the competition format to drive the development and adoption of cleaner and more technologically advanced electric powertrains that can be applied to urban air mobility vehicles, regional air transport and, eventually, commercial airplanes.

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