Piloted by some of the best aviators in the world, these electric race planes are the cutting edge of aerospace – all built to the new race formula for Air Race E. The series is currently open up to new team entrants so contact us if you want to join the race! We are also help match-making teams by introducing pilots, aircraft designers, powertrain manufacturers and investors, so let us know your interest and we can help you get to the right place.

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We envisage a huge growth in Air Race E in the coming years with interest already growing rapidly. Found out more about our electric-powered Air Race E debut here.

Development Partner

In November 2018, Air Race E announced an innovative partnership with the University of Nottingham giving the development of the first electric race airplane a huge boost. The University is currently developing a prototype race airplane powered by an integrated electric motor, battery, and power electronics system. The plane will help shape the model and rules for the inaugural Air Race E race in 2020.

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Air Race E Rules

Enter your details here to apply for the Air Race E rules. Anyone can start building planes for the series now.