Team Mobius

Plane Name: Voltaire

The Mobius team have grown from 2 to 7 in the last two months. They are focusing on funding, sponsorships and partnerships. They didn’t enter the league with a plane, but are working toward the acquisition of a proven F1 winner. They are in full-throttle R&D, developing a new, energy-dense battery technology, prototyping a custom, ultra -light motor, and currently producing the first 3D printed full-size prop specifically designed to exploit the advantages of their new motor platform.

How is the plane progressing?

We are focused on the electric power and propulsion systems at the moment, all top-secret, for now, anyway. We plan on using a cassutt airframe with a silver and blue color scheme, that’s all we can tell you for now.

Crew information

Carl Copeland | Owner, President & Systems Architect
Christopher Williams | Systems Design Specialist
Melissa Junkans | Sponsor & Partner Relations
Ron Gonzalez | Media Director
Mack Zimmerman | Design Engineer
Daryl Barth | Technology Research
Britney Abshire | Digital Media & Communications

What are you most looking forward to about Air Race E?

Tough question. The ability to participate in advancing electric aviation is a dream come true for most of us, but the prospect of racing in beautiful and amazing places all over the world… pretty exciting.

How does the battery system work on your plane?

We are in the late stages of development for a new type of power-dense (therefore lighter) battery. Unlike the lithium many are reasonably using, our system will not be using dangerous or toxic materials. It will also benefit form not being prone to thermal run-away or other fire hazard conditions. It will, as a result, have a lower discharge rate than lithium, but we will employ systems that manage our power availability.

What is the stand out feature of your plane?

We believe it will be the unique propulsion system. We’ll be utilising several new technologies at once, an ultra-light motor, novel battery and low rpm propeller, each a great advancement on their own.

What will it mean to fly in front of the fans at the first Air Race E race?

It will be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Being a part of such an exciting race is thrilling on its own, but striving with our fellow teams to innovate the future of aviation at the same time is a little surreal.

How big do you think Air Race E will be in the future?

Unlike conventional F1 race leagues, Air Race E promises to advance the future of aviation and mobility in general. It’s our expectation that this distinction will create international recognition and prominence.

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