We have three distinct race classes: two airplane classes and one eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft). Each class has its own exciting mission and challenges.

Open Class

Air Race E’s original race airplane formula has been re-named the Open Class. In this class, any and all manufacturers can produce their own unique powertrain configurations up to 150kW power and in accordance with the formula rules.

Performance Class

This airplane formula is based on a standard electric powertrain, which will focus on optimization, efficiency and extracting the maximum potential. However, this formula does allow some modifications and enhancements to the powertrain and remains open on the airframe. This class will race under almost identical procedural rules as the Open Class.

Vertical Class

The electric VTOL class is an entirely different category of aircraft altogether. Often referred as “flying cars”, this type or aircraft is at the forefront of electric technology in aerospace. Brace yourself for The World’s First Vertical Motorsport! This race format and its rules will be somewhat different than the airplane classes and will be revealed soon.