The first all-electric airplane race

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New formula for electric air racing

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Pioneering Electrification in Aviation and Sport

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Cutting-edge technology platform to propel development

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The Race

Air Race E is a world first! At a time when electric flight is still in its infancy, we are launching an ambitious project that will help accelerate both aviation and motorsport into the future: the world’s first and only all-electric airplane racing championship.

Air Race E is based on the motorsport format known as formula one air racing. It is a fast multi-plane race on a closed-circuit around six pylons, just meters above the ground and faster than any land-based sport. Each plane, driven by a propeller and powered only by an electric motor, is light and sleek and built solely for racing, in accordance with the Air Race E Formula.

Piloted by the some of the best aviators in the world, these race planes are the cutting edge of aerospace engineering and electric propulsion and will be a platform for testing and showcasing new technologies to the world. And it’s one hell of a lot of fun to watch!

Our mission is threefold: To offer industry partners a necessary platform to develop technology; to promote the use of cleaner power in transportation; and to deliver an exciting, intriguing, fun motorsport to audiences around the world, both live and on television.

Debut in 2020

We are taking air racing into the next generation. The first series of international races is due to take place in 2020. At its launch, Air Race E will be supplementary to Air Race 1, with both races occurring at the same event. We envisage a huge growth in Air Race E in the coming years with interest already growing rapidly. Found out more about our electric-powered Air Race E debut by clicking here.

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Air Race E will become the unifying platform for the development and promotion of cleaner, faster, more efficient electric aircraft. It provides the perfect high-performance testbed for technology development and fills a much-needed role in the industry – much like the mission that automotive motorsports serve to the automotive industry.

The format is designed specifically to encompass all aspects of electric aviation development from the demands of take-off to inflight power management to charging capabilities. The racing formula and rules are written with input from technical partners and test pilots to ensure the formula elicits improvements in motor and systems efficiencies – in a cost-efficient and intuitive manner. The formula sets parameters to focus on progressing electric aviation while keeping costs low.

Air Race E is seeking Official Technical Partners for the electric motors, inverter systems, batteries and other associated systems.

About Us

The team behind Air Race E is the same team that brought the successful Air Race 1 series and other high profile aviation events to market. The team is widely considered the leader in the segment and has unrivalled global experience in the organization and promotion of true air racing.

Air Race E is the only organization in the world that has already brought together all the necessary ingredients for an international electric air race, all under one umbrella. It has the developmental airplanes, a dedicated test center where the race planes are being engineered, and the qualified test pilots and certified race pilots raring to go. Air Race E is working with both official formula air racing associations which sanction new race formulas and it has collaborations with other key bodies and stakeholders.

Air Race E is owned and run by Air Race Events, headquartered in Dubai and with offices in Spain and UK.