What is Air Race E?

Air Race E is the all-electric powered formula for air racing. All airplanes are unique and built just for this race based on cutting edge technology. It is a real race – first one across the line wins!

How fast do the planes fly?

Air Race E is developing the race planes now. Flight testing will begin soon but our calculations lead our designers to expect at least 450kph as the average speed around an oval circuit (and even faster in a straight line!).

How long is the circuit?

Each race is comprise of 4 laps, so the total distance of each race is 25km (about 15.5 miles).

When is the first Air Race E Race?

The first race will be held in 2022. It will grow into an annual series of races around the world.

Where did the idea of creating Air Race E come from?

Air Race E and electric propulsion is the natural progression in air racing, as it is in most other forms of motorsport. Air racing has been around for many decades and the time seemed right to take us forward into the second generation of the sport, the next evolution.  And the technology is ready now to race, and can be used as a platform for the technology that will be here tomorrow for commercial air travel.

How does Air Race E work?

We are baselining the new race formula for Air Race E on the rules that have developed over the 70 year heritage of the sport known as formula one air racing. This formula is a perfect starting point to develop electric racers because they are the only airplanes in the world that are built specifically to race.  Built to the formula one air racing rules.  So we are adapting the rules to a new formula that will require 100% electric power, but provide the same level of exciting races!

How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in getting involved in Air Race E in any way, you can speak to us right now. Simply contact us here.