The first ever electric race plane flight

Engineers, mechanics, designers and volunteers have been working for months on the electric race planes that will partake in the first ever electric air race.

A couple of months have passed since we last caught up with the teams working on the race planes that will partake in the first flight of an electric race plane.

What has been the progress since June?

Pie Aeronefs

Last month, we continued to work thoroughly on our wing. The upper wing skin is completed, the wing ribs of wood and aluminum are ready and the main spar (was) done.

“Was done” because we rejected this part. Not because it was not good, but because the lamination process we used to create this part lead it to be slightly too thick at some points and the aluminum ribs could not fit perfectly.

But this is not a bad thing! We are learning from our mistakes, we gain experience and we can move forward. Now, we decided to change our manufacturing procedures for so-called “pre-preg” carbon fiber. It means that this sort of carbon fiber is pre-impregnated. This saves us a little time and allows us for a more precise work. For these reasons, we decided to make this part again.

Furthermore, ourUR-1 aircraft project received its approval from the EAS association (Experimental Aviation of Switzerland)!
This represents a huge recognition and an incredible achievement for our work. The EAS approval lets us move closer to the first flight of the only Swiss all-electric race plane.

Nordic Air Racing Team

In the last period we have gotten the motor and inverter programmed and did tests without load. We ran the drivetrain from battery power onboard the aircraft and tested all switches and controls of the junction box of the aircraft.

A part from this we have tested sensors against the pilot interface, finished a preliminary charger and charged the battery for the first time (after Draining it on tests) and completed the water cooling Circuit.

We now aim to run the propeller as soon as possible. Then, the aircraft will be moved back to the airport on for final assembly, and preparations will be made for taxi tests.