Jeff Zaltman, the founder of the Air Race E series, was on hand at the Royal Aeronautical Society Headquarters to discuss all aspects of Air Race E and its predecessor the Air Race 1, the successful international series for the long-running sport of formula one air racing which forms basis for the of the new electric series.

Jeff introduced attendees to the electric aircraft, the formula specifications and the latest plans and developments in the sport. You can watch again and listen below. A revolution in electric commercial aviation is coming. But it has already arrived in air racing. Air Race E has announced it will hold the first ever electric airplane race in 2020. And the technology that will be introduced in this series will trace a direct link to the technology that will carry us as passengers in the near future. Air Race E format will be based on the long-running established sport known as formula one air racing, with the exception of an all-electric powerplant.


About the Speaker:

Jeff Zaltman has worked professionally in the air sports industry for at least 15 years, primarily in air racing. He is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the sport and a world leader in the organization of air racing events. As CEO of his own company, Jeff has organized 15 major international air races and aerobatic championships and other events in 9 countries on 4 continents.

Jeff has long been a devoted ambassador for air racing on a global scale, having achieved television coverage in over 100 countries for his events and obtained media coverage by hundreds of important outlets around the world. His events are attended by tens of thousands of spectators. Jeff has also done extensive work for air shows and for the FAI (the World Air Sports Federation) having filmed 70 international air sports events for TV.

Jeff is the CEO of the Formula Air Racing Association (FARA), a director of the Royal Aero Club (RAeC) and a director of the International Formula One Air Racing Association (IF1). Jeff has other aviation and non-aviation experience including with Hawker Beechcraft, the US Navy, Virgin Racing (Richard Branson’s team in Formula E) and Ford Motor Company. Jeff holds an MBA from the London Business School; and a BSc in Broadcast Journalism and a BA in International Relations from Boston University.